Alan Lande | C Dot Run


Music for Alan Lande

2004 Seattle Children's Festival

Rave One

4:36 total time
10.5 meg - 320kbps mp3

features parental advisory
and women laughing

Rave Two

4:38 total time
10.6 meg - 320kbps mp3

features phone synthesizer
and backward tape vox

Rave Three

4:59 total time
11.4 meg - 320kbps mp3

features baby crying
and "In the Mix" vox

Alan Lande & Co.


World Premiere SICF Commission

Alan Lande’s whimsical, thought-provoking, and always unpredictable work has been seen in museums from London to Paris to Tokyo, and was featured at the opening of the Seattle Art Museum. Now SICF has commissioned this renowned artist to create a special theater environment—a sort of multi-media funhouse—in which to tell a tale that explores the impacts of media and technology on society, and especially on children

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