Ouroboros Dubs, Vol. 1

Rhythms & Grooves created in Reason, piped to ProTools, overdubbed, looped and imported back to Reason for that trademark Ouroboros Dub Sound!

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Full-length taste : Dub Tactics (3 min, 2.7 meg mp3 file)

Demo Clips (40 sec, 6-700k mp3 files)

There's A Dub
Dubbin in the Dark
Deeper Dub
Dubby Dub
Garden of Dub
Travellin' in this Dub

All tracks by Ouro Boros
Guitar & vox by ADX

(Click on each Reason graphic for a Reason Mini-Tutorial!)

Deeper Meditation

Tactical Maneuvers

Once In A Lifetime

These tracks all began as short cuts of under a minute each.
The tracks were bare bones, but were the best of about 20 cuts.
A couple of the rhythms caught the ear of Seattleite DJ ADX.

In The Garden Of Life

Dancing In The Dark

Those Eyes

Overdubs commenced and takes were chopped up.
Eventually the rough tracks were arranged into full songs.
Dub version of each tune were hand-crafted by Ouro Boros.

There's A Song

Travellin' In This Country

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