About Dubtrain Studio


Dubtrain Studio is located in sunny West Seattle, five minutes from downtown Seattle.  Dubtrain is a private facility specializing in basic tracking & overdubbing, mixdown & dub remixes.  Over 30 years of live performance & studio engineering experience!

Built completely by hand in 2006, Dubtrain is designed to be a mid-sized project studio, capable of recording bands of up to 7 people at once.  The 20' x 30' studio building is split into a large live room and a smaller control room, connected directly to a covered patio for relaxing outside between takes.

Both rooms feature 10-foot ceilings, bass trapping, and custom-built diffusion and acoustic panels.  The main room sounds great and is large enough to handle full bands in a live recording session, while the control room is perfect for smaller sessions, single instrument overdubbing or remix projects.

Dubtrain Studio runs a Pro Tools system, and can handle just about any kind of project.  If you'd like to book a session, please contact Dubtrain Studio via email for rates & available times. 

View the Dubtrain Discography for a sample of recent productions.