Featured Music from Dubtrain

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Dubtrain Studio has lots of artists coming through the door for vocal & instrumental sessions, overdubs, remixes, mixdowns and even full band recordings.

Some of the artists have given their permission for Dubtrain to present their music in full on this website. Here are a couple of full tracks for your listening pleasure.

All tracks recorded & mixed by Dubtrain Studio.
(All rights are reserved by the original artists.)

More audio clips are available on the Dubtrain Artists page!

Here's a dub version of a very familiar tune from traveling dubmaster Dub Rex

The alternate dub mix (v.1) of Stingshark's "Babybleed, Part 2"

An exclusive KEXP mix of "When Girls Get A Dub" by Dub Championz

Dubtrain's dubplate of Stu Heart's "Dread Beat"

The extended mix section of Orange Dub (Dub On Da Farside) from the new Dub Championz album, "Dub One"

Seattle megastars "Awesome" present a stunning re-recording of the entire nine-minute-long epic "Starship Trooper" (written in 1971 by Yes). WARNING: Link May Contain Prog Rock!