Dub Mixing & Remixing

dub box

Dubtrain Studio records & produces a wide variety of music, singers & players, but most especially likes to produce dub remixes & custom riddims. If you have some multi-tracks and you want a dub mix or remix, drop a line!

Dubtrain Studio can remix multi-track tape masters with a little (or a lot) more of that awesome '70s dub sound, and also specializes in recording dub-oriented live projects.

The mysterious & powerful Wave Motion Dub Box (pictured) was custom-wired by engineer Dub Pete to his exacting specifications. Among the dozen glowing devices inside can be found a Deltalab Effectron II, a Biamp Spring Reverb, an Electric Mistress and a rare Symetrix 606 Dual Delay.

Sample clips are available on the Dubtrain Artists page.