Dubtrain Studio Miscellany


Explore some extremely random offerings from the fringes of Dubtrain Studio. Listen to some live recordings, some beat production samples, and an audio smash-up page featuring the Beatles!

There's a slightly technical exploration of A/D latency in a ProTools system, and a photo gallery of the Dubtrain Gardens.

Also featured is a link for all you Reason fans out there: a custom programmed Space Echo tape delay simulator, with matching skin for the combinator patch. Sweet!

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The Beatles Smashup Page All the Beatles recordings smashed together into one song, album by album.

C [dot] Run Drum & Bass rhythm tracks composed for Seattle Visual Arts Icon Alan Lande, to be used in a commissioned performance at the 2004 Northwest Children's Festival.

An Evening With Andy Crow Join the Northwest's favorite wurlitzer maestro for an evening of music on Hammond, Piano & the mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ. Recorded at Kenyon Hall, Dec 2006.

Another Evening With Andy Crow Rejoin the King of the Console with 45 minutes of popular favorites by Andy, followed by another half hour of open console with various local heroes. Recorded at Kenyon Hall, Feb 2012.

A/D Conversion & Bus Mixing Test A mildly exhaustive comparison of conversion and bussing results at the sample level. Nerds!

Reason Tutorials Several short tutorials on setting up samples and arranging remixes with Propellerhead's Reason software.

Reason & Wind Controllers A couple of tips on using wind controllers (like Akai's new EWI USB) with the Reason samplers.

Space Echo (Combinator Patch) A custom programmed & skinned RE-201 Space Echo patch for the Reason Combinator device.

Springtime Photos A slideshow gallery of macro nature photographs from the Dubtrain Gardens.

Angband 3.1.0 SoundpackYou like playing Angband, right? Well here is a collection of over 200 sounds for you!